Friday, March 9, 2012


I think I know this one.

Egret! What was weird was the way it was wading through the grass creeping up on and stabbing nuts that had fallen from the trees.

But what are these?


This one I Googled easily
Red crested cardinal
Red-Crested Cardinal imported from South America.

Later on it rained so much that all the birds flew away and these were swimming past the hotel window.
Jelly fish.


birdmonkey March 9, 2012 at 11:45 PM  

The egret is a Cattle Egret- Ardeola ibis- the same one you see in Japan. They are one of the 'winners', in they like the cleared landscape that humans create. They have self-introduced to many locations including Australia and New Zealand, but were deliberately introduced to Hawaii (1959-61) for insect control.
#2 I don't know this one but it looks like a flycatcher? I can't find in J.L Long's Introduced Birds of the World, so it might be a native, although there are quiet a few introduced flycatchers to Hawaii and 94-96 bird species introduced in total to Hawaii.
#3 Indian or Common Myna! Acridotheres tristis. Introduced to Hawaii in 1865 to control insects in market gardens. It was introduced to Australia for the same reason around the same time. It is aggressive to other birds, protecting its territory, as it also nests in hollow trees (like most Aust parrots) it has become the biggest threat to Australian birds after human land clearing (including suburban housing). It has been introduced to many Pacific Islands with devastating effects for the local bird populations. In Fiji the Myna makes up 80% of the total bird population, it also abundant in Hawaii. (Its appearance in your photos sparked my response)
#4 I have not seen the Red-capped Cardinal, very pretty. Long's info on the introduction to Hawaii is interesting and adds some info not in the wikipedia entry "... introduced to Oahu by the Hui Manu (an acclimatisation society) in 1931, but they did not find conditions suitable and failed to become established. More recently, the R-c Cardinal has been intentionally or accidentally released or has escaped from captivity on the island of Oahu ... have been occasionally noted on the island since 1965."

Sorry for the outbreak of bird-nerd behaviour! Thanks for posting the photos.

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