Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's Park Too

James said that people would think I was exaggerating about Sunday morning hobby parking of weird cars outside Starbucks on Motomachi Street, Yokohama, so I've been keeping up surveillance. I know a few dog breeds, but my car breed knowledge is more of the "that's a red one" kind.
Feb 26th:
Black and silver, with big ears and curly bits, which I also saw last Sunday driving into Kamakura as we were riding out. Cocker Spaniel.

Motomachi Cars

A flat white one with a funny shaped nose. Bull Terrier.
Motomachi Cars

A little red one with a white spot. Chihuahua. Also seen in central Kamakura, last Monday.
Motomachi Cars

Mar 19th:
Shiny black, obviously a Flat-coated Retriever. Not sure why they've painted its toes orange.
black and orange

Mar 25th:
Very white. A Samoyed.
white and red

I'm not sure whether it is the miniature schnauzer that is the small and grey and hairy breed that is very popular here.
I think this one is cute, but I suspect it eats a lot?


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