Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Political Incorrectness Gone Mad

May all JAMSTEC's pathetic middle management, who have used us to bolster their own careers, be swept away.

North Shore, Pipeline

North Shore, Pipeline

Hopefully the sweeping away will not be actually due to physical waves, but instead there will be a revolution in Japanese so called "science", and they will start fostering scientific development, new ideas, even perhaps climate science.

North Shore

Yes... James forced me to sign my abusive (and illegal - in Europe) contract - he says we can leave whenever we want. Hmph. I might have already reached the limit of working hard to make other people look good. I'd rather stay home and sew up my fabric stash. He says I would get bored quickly and that he would have noone to help him pedal to work (and, of course, tell him what work to do...).

[photos are from the North Shore of Oahu, where, for the first time in living memory (or rather the 7 years that our guide, Oli, has been resident) there were no surfers out. However, as a former wave modeller, I've long wanted to see the famous nonlinear interactions caused by the offshore coral reefs around Hawai'i, so I was absolutely delighted with the show, and would very much like to return to inspect some of the other beaches.]


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