Tuesday, February 23, 2016

sunshine and BlueSkies

In January there was one day of blue skies and sunshine when it did not rain, so on that day we cycled to Kirkby Lonsdale for breakfast (Kirkby Lonsdale is very 21st century - they let you eat breakfast until noon!!!). Stupidly I did not take a camera. In February it has also rained a great deal. For example, on Sunday we did a fell race in the wind and rain and mud. Running is probably one of the better things to do in the rain, but it was still unpleasant. However, it is hard not to feel an immense sense of glowing achievement just for completing such a stupid thing. Then yesterday it dared to be sunny when I was too tired from the race to go on a long ride. Very annoying. The whole point of BlueSkiesResearch is that we can go and research the blue skies when they appear rather than being stuck inside staring sadly out of the window. Unbelievably, today it also dawned bright! We cycled one of the several off-road routes to Litton, and this time did not forget a camera.



And to prove it was also sunny at home... one of GingerNut's main hobbies is seeking out sun patches. Presumably he does this in order to make his fur look as orange as possible.


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