Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thermopolis -> Cooke City

The mornin' starts with more of the very best nuthin' nuthin' nuthin'. Oh there's a truck!


Someone called Buffalo Bill Cody founded the metropolis of Cody, but these days more than bison are to be found - the cake, coffee and sandwiches were all delicious.
Cody, Wyoming

Cody has a large expensive museum complex all about Buffalo-san. Instead we strolled around the Old Trail Town which is an elegant street of old historically significant buildings moved log-by-log from various places.
Cody Old trail town - cart
Cody Old trail town - store
Cody Old trail town - schoolroom
Cody Old trail town - bar
Butch Cassidy and pals (I thought they were fictional!)
Cody Old trail town
Graves of hoodlums, doogooders and victims
Cody Old trail town - graves
Another street view

Then we took the scenic route. Labelled as pericoloso et dangereuse (Oh, wait, that's the Verdon gorge) Chief Josephs' Highway was actually a wide clear road. Smoke from the fires caused the views to become monochrome.
View from Chief Joseph Highway
Later on a pointy peak appeared
Bear tooth peak, Cooke City
If the name of this cafe in Cooke City is anything to go by, the peak must be called "beartooth".
Beartooth Cafe, Cooke City
Cooke City is at the edge of Yellowstone and the evening stop was Mammoth, well inside the park... but there there are so many Yellowstone photos to work through that this post must stop here at afternoon tea root beer (amazingly, Americans still can't make tea).


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