Tuesday, April 10, 2012

new camera!

Just a BMW
Only a shiny BMW worshipping at St Arbucks for Easter weekend. But taken with a smart new camera!

On Good Friday I finally got so fed up with my Sony TX10 that I went out and bought a Canon S100. To a country bumpkin like me, it is quite a thrill to buy consumer electronics after 9pm. Even better, you just walk in to the store, say you want to buy something, and no matter how expensive it is, they run and get it, you hand over the cash and walk out with your new purchase, all done within a couple of minutes. In that time you can turn down the extended warranty with a single word, and the staff have checked you have the required accessories. Maybe the UK has improved in the last decade but it was never so easy there.

What was wrong with the TX10? Well it failed at its main task of being a fast point and shoot, because the touch screen would freeze up, often just after the camera was switched on. Yes you could still take a photo, but only in the same mode you used last time. The S100 is in theory probably a bit slower to switch on and snap with, but in practice it is much less frustrating to use (so far). I kind of wish it was a Sony so retained the great handheld twiglet, freeze motion, panorama and HDR modes, but you can't have everything it seems... Tempted by the NEX7, which has all those modes plus great image quality but it is twice the price and not so pocketable. The S100 is not waterproof like the TX10, but as James argued, the TX5 (the TX10's predecessor, which did not have the touchscreen issue) broke within a year anyway, so what value the "rugged" label? Perhaps I should try to get that TX5 repaired... I think it did a better job than the TX10.


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