Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year sunrise

What everyone at the beach was waiting for.

Happy New Year
Due to some cloud, the sun did not appear until a good 15 minutes after sunrise, but people didn't start celebrating until they saw the sun. So I wonder what happens on a fully cloudy morning. Perhaps it has never happened in living memory! Pondering living memory, we had a large (magnitude 7) earthquake yesterday, off the south coast from us. The big ones last year were north and east of here. Hmmmm... On our road the shaking was not sufficient to knock James off his unicycle, but it did go on for quite a while. I will be looking out to see how it is explained in GRL. I suppose the advantage of apocalypses is an in increase in the number of Japanese authors getting published in high impact publications, which must surely improve the national papers-per-Yen factor.


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