Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lion at Kenchoji

So what do you make of Lion, Apple's new operating system? I find it needs a lot of taming.

Lion at Kenchoji

It is just little things - like Safari automatically spell checking my beautiful English and turning it into some foreign crap. I thought it was Blogger - but no it was Safari itself! And then there's the way the applications automatically reopen with all the crap windows that you only closed the app to get rid of. Those issues are fixable, but the lack of a "save as..." in TextEdit and Preview seems permanent... I used to use that often to work out where files were located and then save new versions in the correct location - now I keep losing files. Need a "show in Finder" replacement. Getting the Library to reappear in Finder was easy enough, but the greyed out icons (and lack of personalised icons) on the sidebar seem unfixable and that slows navigation down.

[These very well behaved lions live at Kenchoji, Kamakura]

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